Google Gets Serious Virtual Reality with Cardboard Headset

Google has recently announced a couple of improvements to its DIY virtual reality headset that made a soft debut at the company’s developer conference – Google I/O earlier in June. Today, the search giant is bringing updates to Google Cardboard marking the company’s push for the development of VR devices.

The first announcement was about an update to the Cardboard app that highlights apps in the Play Store that are compatible with the VR headset. Apps included in the Cardboard app include Google Earth, YouTube, a Tour Guide app that lets users visit Versailles with a local guide, an Exhibit app that lets users examine cultural artifacts from different angles, a Photo Sphere app and a Windy Day app that shows an interactive animated short from Spotlight stories.

Google also announced an updated SDK for the VR headset both for Android and Unity. The SDK should allow developers to create immersive VR experiences using cardboard.

Finally, the search firm also released new building specifications and tools for companies who are interested in building the Cardboard headset. The new specifications include richer design templates, more detailed manufacturing tips and tools that help makers calibrate their design with existing Cardboard apps.

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